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Go to the broken Windows 7 machine. Either load the system repair option or boot off your Windows 7 install disc. Once it boots, select your language and other things and hit next:

Install Windows - Language Selection

At the bottom of the window is an option that says “repair”, click this:

Install or Repair Windows

It will scan your drives, hopefully showing your Windows drive. If so, let it try to repair automatically at least once. Come back to this point if that fails. You can click “no” here, and it will drop back to the window that shows your Windows hard drive. Make sure the top radio button is selected and click next. It should bring up a list of links that you can click, the bottom one is “recovery console”, click that:

System Recovery Options

Eject the Windows disc and put in the CD you burned if you burned one. You need to figure out which drive your CD / thumb drive / external drive is - so try different drive letters and type dir until you see the one that has your folder. If you burned a CD, chances are it’s the D: drive (unless it was an HP or something, then it will be E:) if it’s a thumb drive or external hard drive and you only have 1 CD-ROM, it’s the E: drive. Maybe F: – check it out. We might add a guide on how to do this at a future date.

Once you have that figured out you need to type this

dism /image:c:\ /add-driver /Driver:X:\ /recurse

Replace “X” with the drive letter from the previous step:

Command Prompt

Hit enter and it should find the drivers you extracted into the folder in the second step.

After it does that, type “exit” and hit enter, then press the “Restart” button.

When Windows boots it will take a LONG time to get all the updated drivers - but hey, it booted, right?

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